The mind can be wicked, 
the mind can be gentle, 
the mind can be a foe or friend. 
Peace and happiness spread in life 
when the mind becomes pure. 

S.N. Goenka

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To keep the body healthy and strong, we do physical exercises, such as yoga, jogging or walking; otherwise our bodies will become weak and diseased. It is even more necessary to keep our minds healthy and strong; we should not allow them to become weak or diseased. We live in a complex and stressful world. When our minds are not strong, we lose our balance and become miserable. 

Sometimes meditators come to me and say: “I have stopped meditating. What can I do? I am too busy!” This is a feeble excuse. We give food to the body three or four times a day, do we not? We don’t say, “I am such a busy person, I don’t have time for food today.” 

The meditation that we do every morning and evening makes the mind strong. When we forget this, we harm ourselves. Even when we have a very heavy workload, we must do this mental exercise.

S.N. Goenka

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Sit and serve period 21Apr-6May

You are warmly invited to join the upcoming Sit & Serve Period which will start on the 21st of April

There will be jobs for servers with and without specific skills, including:

  • Removing dead trees and trunks
  • Creating flower area and spreading wild flower seeds
  • Maintenance of walking paths
  • Laundry jobs
  • Springcleaning
  • Maintenance of kitchen equipment
  • Painting of the stockroom

Servers who would like to do the cooking during the Sit & Serve period are also very welcome!

Aside from giving service, all participants will jointly meditate three hours a day, there is also the opportunity to listen to a Dhamma discourse in the evening. 

Interested in participating? 

Please apply with a Dhamma servers’ application via the online schedule at You can also apply to serve a part of the Sit & Serve Period.

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You have to work. If you only talk about putting forth effort, you will not attain anything. 

Only if you meditate can you come to understand. 

Venerable Webu Sayadaw

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